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These are just a few Argentina travel opportunities and tours: Exciting and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the colonial cities of Cordoba and Salta, the thundering Iguaz; one of the best vacation destinations in Argentina and all South America,ú Falls, the arid Atacama, massive glacier-filled ice fields, Andean salt flats, the spectacular Lake District, the worlds best beef, gauchos, fútbol and sultry, passionate Tango

Belize Luxury Travel MapArgentina has something for everyone. Its cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires is a vibrant, exciting metropolis filled with quaint neighborhoods, cafes, some of the best parrillas (steakhouses) on the planet, beautiful architecture, wide boulevards and a thriving, intellectual scene unmatched by any other city in Latin America. It’s also home of the sultry, passionate Tango - possibly Argentina’s greatest contribution to the outside world. No visit to the city would be complete without attending one of the many Tango shows or ‘milongas’ held in every neighborhood.

The north-eastern corner of the country where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina come together is the setting for one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring sights - the Iguazú Falls. They are nothing short of astounding. A visit here is a jaw-dropping experience, and the power and noise of the falls - a series of almost 270 waterfalls stretching across a 2 mile wide gorge surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest is something that will forever live in your memory.

The region of Mendoza is home to two of Argentina’s claims to fame - red wine and the Andes Mountains. The city itself is cosmopolitan and lively and the surrounding area boasts hundreds of vineyards which can be easily visited on a day-trip from the city. Nearby Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas at 22,841 feet is a favorite for mountain climbers. There are ski resorts here that give you the opportunity to ski on fresh powder, while adventure seekers are spoiled for choice with an array of mountain biking, white water rafting, hiking and paragliding options.

Northwestern Argentina is something completely different - the lofty deserts of Las Yungas. Nature works its magic here with its strange, but wonderful, tortured rock formations. There’s very much an Andean feel here, with llamas, indigenous communities, Inca ruins and traditional handicrafts, and the high, aric Andean highlands that stretch across borders into Bolivia to the north and Chile to the west. The lovely city of Salta is located here, from where it’s easy to travel to the Calchaquíes Valleys to Cafayate, the home of Argentina’s finest white wines.

Further south, the Lake District around Bariloche is home to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, where visitors will be amazed at the landscapes and picture-postcard vistas of lakes and mountains surrounding the town. There’s plenty do do here, including skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain bike and horse riding, lake tours and even chocolate making in Argentina’s chocolate capital.

Last, but certainly not least, Argentina’s southern frontier is the wild, untamed region of Patagonia. Barren and beautiful, nature grows wild here, and the spaces are large, as are the silences that fill them. Pristine rivers, Andean peaks, spectacular calving glaciers, including the 3 mile wide, 250 foot high Perito Moreno glacier, easily visited from the town of El Calafate, make for an unforgettable visit. The Patagonian Andes, lakes, forests, mountains and glaciers stretch from here for another 300 miles to the world’s southernmost seas at Tierra Del Fuego.

Argentina is definitely a land of extremes, filled with people who have nurtured their adaptability and creativity, and who have persevered through good times and bad, while maintaining their traditions, humor and pride. It’s truly an amazing country, waiting to be explored…

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