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We work hard to ensure your vacation to Brazil visits the best places to travel to on Brazil’s coasts, jungles and cities including: Carnaval, the Afro-Latin cultures of Bahìa, the sensual rhythms of carimbó, axé and samba, 4577 miles of stunningly deep blue Atlantic coastline, the world’s largest jungle, the world’s largest inland swamp teeming with wildlife, colonial towns, Rio, futebol (soccer), biological mega-diversity and a fun-loving, happy peopleare sure to make Brazil the vacation of a lifetime…

Brazil Luxury Travel MapBrazil should rank high on every traveler’s wish-list. An incredible diverse country spanning much of South America, Brazil is one of the most culturally, geographically and biologically diverse countries in the world. It is one of the most captivating places on the planet, with a vibrant population who has an incredible lust for life and an infectious happiness.

Rio… Just the name alone conjures images of scantily clad women dancing the samba in a seemingly endless parade of musicians and dancers during the city’s Carnaval celebrations. The spectacular natural geography of the city is well known, with Corcovado Mountain, atop which the outstretched arms of the iconic Cristo Redentor appear to embrace the favelas (slums) and skyscrapers of city below. The city’s 37 white sand beaches, including world-famous Ipanema and Copacabana lead to Sugar Loaf Mountain. Every evening the city’s streets are filled with the sounds of bossa nova and samba, as bars come to life and exude a raw energy and pulse like no other city.

With over 4500 miles of coastline, the country is home hundreds of dense-forest covered islands and green mountainous shores spilling tropical forests right down to the ocean. The spectacular picture-postcard tropical beaches found all over the country make Brazil a beach-lover’s dream destination. From Rio de Janeiro’s urban Ipanema and Copacabana to the crystal clear waters of Baía dos Porcos on the island of Fernando de Noronha and the desert-like dunes of Jericoacoara in the far north, there’s a beach for all tastes.

The steamy jungles of the Amazon are home to the world’s largest forest. Although the subject of much criticism regarding deforestation, there are still unimaginably huge areas of virgin, untouched jungle, home to indigenous groups that still live the same way they have since the dawn of human population. Visiting this region is an experience not to be missed, and the opportunity to spend a few days floating downriver on an Amazon rainforest cruise or staying in a remote jungle lodge is unforgettable.

The colonial settlers from Portugal left their mark on the country, not only in the use of Portuguese (the only Latin American country to do so), but also in the architecture of the gems of colonial towns that appear to be locked in a time warp. Convents, cobblestone streets and historical buildings gracefully fill the streets of Salvador’s historic center, as well as the Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Party, Olinda and Tiradentes are true cultural gems of towns offering a great insight into the rich history of this wonderful country.

Often stereotyped as the most joyful people in the world, Brazilians are well known for their lively celebrations, which generally become more animated the further north you travel in the country. This can be seen everywhere, from soccer matches, to samba clubs and bars, the beaches and on the streets. There really is an infectious joie de vivre here and before long you too will fall under it’s captivating spell.

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