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Guatemala Jungles And Volcanoes

You will not regret a vacation in Guatemala with Blue World Journeys. Tour colorful indigenous markets, towering, conical volcanoes, unbelievable scenery, crater lakes, stunning colonial architecture, wonderful, friendly people and Mayan temples rising out of the jungle canopy...

Guatemala Luxury Vacation MapGuatemala is undoubtedly one of the most geographically beautiful countries in the world. Typically attracting the culturally aware, more open-minded traveler who has a thirst for truly experiencing a safe, welcoming and friendly country that is loaded with incredible cultural and natural appeal, Guatemala never fails to impress even the most jaded world traveler.

This is one of Latin America’s most culturally rich, deeply rooted indigenous countries, where friendly and welcoming people, many of whom still dress in a riot of technicolored traditional clothing and textiles populate rural villages. You are as likely to hear Mayan languages spoken here, as you are Spanish. Each village has its own feel and a visit to any one of the local markets is guaranteed to be one of the most colorful, vibrant and most enchanting outdoor market experiences anywhere in the world.

Guatemala’s southern and western highlands contain some of the most astonishing natural beauty you will ever see. Over thirty volcanoes are found here, interspersed with cloud forest and lakes, including the brilliant blue Lake Atitlán, circled by three perfectly conical volcanoes and often described as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

The northern reaches of Guatemala contain the luxuriant rainforests of the Petén region, one of the largest remaining continuous tracts of tropical forest in the Americas and home to the once lost ancient Mayan city of Tikal, hidden deep in the jungle. The amazing opportunity to climb a thousand-year-old Mayan pyramid rising out of the jungle canopy is an experience you will never forget. This region is rich with other natural wonders including the turquoise colored Lake Petén Itzá, and beautiful emerald-colored lagoons surrounded by lush tropical forests, all enjoyed as excursions from luxurious hotels where you never have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the natural bounty of the area.

The inspiringly beautiful colonial city of Antigua is a true gem for travel. Undoubtedly the most impressive colonial city in Central America, walking the almost traffic-free cobbled streets is a delight as you admire the stunning colonial architecture. The city’s setting is spectacular, in a beautiful, broad valley surrounded by pine-covered hillsides leading to cloud forests and three majestic volcanoes.

Whatever you are seeking, from forested, volcanic highlands to lush jungles to delightful colonial cities, to deeply rooted indigenous Mayan villages, or stunning scenery providing a wealth of outdoor pursuits, Guatemala has something for everyone.

Most major attractions are within a couple of hours drive of one another and there are convenient domestic flights from the capital to the Petén region for easy access to the ruins of Tikal.

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