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Experience some of the most unforgettable places and tour experiences when you travel to Asia with us, such as: Indigenous hill tribes of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos; Komodo Dragons; seductive white sand beaches; impossibly green rice paddies; saffron-robed Buddhist monks; majestic ruins of Angkor; fantastic food; gentle, infectiously happy people; delightful architecture; colonial history; vibrant & modern frenetic cities; smoking volcanoes of Java, emerging destinations…

Intoxicating and exotic, south east Asia is a great vacation destination and one of the most beautiful places in the world. From the chaotic cities to gentle, impossibly green rice paddies, it’s a land of extreme contrasts.

Each country has its own identity, culture, cuisine and attractions and there’s something for everybody here.

Thailand is the region’s best known and most visited country. The beautiful islands and beaches of the south are a huge draw, contrasting with the beautiful architecture, history and Buddhist temples of the north. Known as the Land of Smiles, the gentle Thais are known for their friendliness and Thai cuisine is amazing.

Myanmar (Burma) is a magical place, rapidly emerging from a decades-long military dictatorship into a country with a very bright future and one of the most desirable emerging tourism destinations in the world. A deeply cultural destination, Buddhist temples and pagodas pepper the landscape, and the beautiful ruins of Bagan are forever frozen in time. Now is the time to go, before inevitable development and the modern world change it forever.

Laos and Cambodia are, along with Myanmar, south east Asia’s poorest countries. Cambodia’s main draw is the expansive complex of temples at Angkor, dating back over a thousand years it is one of the best places to tour in southeast Asia. Laos’ delightful capital of Vientiane is Asia’s most laid-back capital, while the royal city of Luang Prabang is home to some stunning architecture. This is textbook south east Asia, where saffron-robed Buddhist monks are everywhere and passive, gentle Lao people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. Loas and Cambodia are some of the best hidden southeast Asia travel destinations.

Vietnam has come a long way from its brutal war of the 60s and 70s and is now at the economic forefront of the region. A fascinating country, filled with colonial and Vietnamese history, it’s a lovely place to visit on your tour of Asia. From the indigenous hill tribes in the north to the vibrant cities of Hanoi and Saigon, to the spectacularly beautiful Halong Bay and the delightful architecture of Hoi An and Hue, there’s an amazing variety of experiences to be had here.

The Philippines is emerging as Asia’s best kept secret. With 7,107 tropical islands offering a huge variety of geography, from perfectly conical volcanoes, to terraced rice paddies, to unbelievably beautiful south seas tropical paradise beaches, there’s plenty to draw you here. Filipinos are some of the friendliest people in the world and it’s impossible to not be seduced by their infectious happiness.

Indonesia is the region’s largest country and also it’s most geographically diverse. Exotic Java is home to volcanoes, rice paddies and the amazing ruins of Borobudur, while the country’s biggest draw is the island of Bali. A truly beautiful paradise, it’s intriguing for it’s hybrid Hindu culture and history, while being home to some spectacular scenery and lovely beaches. This multitude of attractive amenities makes Indonesia one of the best place to travel to in Asia.

Singapore is a mix of traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, harmoniously blended with the cutting-edge, ultra modern style of the most modern cities in the world. Immaculately clean, tidy, efficient and organized, with some of the best food offerings in the world, from simple ‘hawker’ stalls to Michelin starred restaurants, it’s a great place to spend a few days.

Hong Kong is an enigma. A city of modern, glass towers, cosmopolitan cuisine, home to one of the world’s largest financial centers, and one of the world’s most modern, efficient transport systems; it’s also home to quiet villages and idyllic beaches not far from the chaos of the city. The food here is amazing, and the views - whether from the deck of the world-famous Star Ferry crossing Victoria Harbour (the best 25 cent ticket you’ll ever buy), or from the lofty heights of Victoria Peak are simply sublime.

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